3B Blackbio Biotech India Manufacturing Plant, India, India

The Indo-Spanish joint venture (JV) company 3B Blackbio Biotech India opened a new biotech plant in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh state in April 2011. The plant is a joint venture between Indian agrochemical company Kilpest India (51%) and Spanish biotechnology companies 2B Blackbio (29%) and Biotools B&M Labs (20%).

Biotools B&M Labs is focused on research, development and manufacture of recombinant enzymes and molecular biology reagents.

2B Blackbio is focused on the personalised medicine market, developing and marketing molecular diagnosis kits and microarray products.

The 3B BlackBio Biotech India plant focuses on several proteomic and genomic technologies. It will develop, manufacture and market molecular biology products and provide integral solutions in the areas of pharmacogenetics and life sciences.

Biotech plant project

The plant is located in the 7-C Industrial Area in Govindpura town of Bhopal. It consists of production, R&D, quality control, clean room, laboratories and other facilities. It has a well qualified team of scientists and technicians. The estimated investment in the plant was INR 30m ($609,810).

The target industries include pharmaceutical, clinical diagnostic, research, development and agro-food. The company will collaborate with the government and NGOs for R&D in molecular biology. It also aims to custom develop solutions for pharma, agro-food and biotech companies, hospitals and academic and research institutions through its R&D portfolio.

Facility and technologies

The plant features a 180ft2 pre-PCR (polymerase chain reaction) lab equipped with laminar air flow, double distillator, deep freezer, microwave oven, vacuum cleaner and micropipettes. It also has a 100.8ft2 I PCR lab equipped with thermalcycler, laminar air flow, gel doc system and vortex mixer.

Another 180ft2 II PCR lab is equipped with an RT PCR machine, gradient PCR machines, laminar air flow, electrophoresis assembly, micropipettes, spinwin microfuge, UV transilluminator and a computer.

A 90.6ft2 electrophoresis lab at the plant consists of horizontal and vertical electrophoresis assemblies, micropipettes, vortex mixer and gel rocker. A 180ft2 quality control lab is equipped with laminar air flow, oven, centifuges, micropipettes and precision weigh machine.

A 216ft2 extraction lab is available with biosafety cabinet, cooling centrifuge, microfuge, deep freezer and refrigerator, gel rocker, bacteriological incubator, humidifier cum fumigator, microwave oven, water bath and a vortex mixer.

The 195ft2 scientist room has computers, projector and other furniture and fixtures. A -20 degrees celsius, 65ft2 storage facility consists of deep freezers and control panel for clean rooms. A 180ft2 computer room consists of computers and refrigerator.

A 520ft2 clean room for molecular biology work includes a dispensing room, reagent preparation room, buffer preparation room and production room.

The equipment of the clean room include eppendorf electronic pipette, micropipettes, static deep freezers of -20 degrees celsius, vortex shaker, magnetic stirrer, spinwin microcentrifuge, gel rocker, sonabox, jack stand, ultrasonic homogeniser / sonicator, eppendorf centrifuge, new brunswick shaker and eppendorf biophotometer.

A 170ft2 media preparation and autoclave room comprises of a magnetic stirrer, UV cabinet, hot air oven, KF Titrator, UV-VIS spectrophotometer, VIS spectrophotometer, flash point, electronic balances, kipps apparatus, rotary vacuum evaporator and centrifuge.

The facility also consists of a 132.8ft2 chemical store room with -20 degree celsius deep freezers, millipore water system, analytical and precision weigh machines, micropipettes, air conditioner and chemical storage racks and cupboards.

Production and manufacturing

The facility will produce molecular biology products such as PCR enzymes, PCR reagents, real time kits, reverse transcriptase kits, cloning vectors, electrophoresis reagents, nucleic acid purification, accessories and plastic products, molecular diagnostics, AGFoods kits, BIOFood ID kit, BIOFood mixed kit, BIOGenics standard kit and 3B control DNAs.

It will also manufacture equipments such as end-point thermal cyclers, real-time thermal cyclers and gradient thermal cyclers. 3B Blackbio Biotech India has the licence for patented gelification technology, owned by Biotools B&M Labs.

The R&D team will focus on proteomic and genomic biomarkers and technology development to global standards. Its focus areas also include oncology, microbiology, nutrition, metabolic disorders and pharmacogenetics.

The customer services will include DNA & RNA extraction, sample isolation, microbial identification, including fungal identification services, microsequencing and genotyping complying with the latest GMP practices. Other services include the development of companion diagnostic tests, human genetic tests, prognostic tests, critical referral tests or nutrigenetic studies.


The plant has a capacity to produce 30l to 35l of enzymes and 5l to 10l of kits a year. It also has buffers production capacity of 500l to 600l per annum.

Construction / contractors

Construction of the facility was started in January 2011 and was completed for inauguration in April. The project was designed by the company itself. Mumbai-based Kleanzone Systems (India) was the clean room supplier.

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