A company’s development is like the movement of a train at great speed, if you do not sit in it at the right time, you’ll just stay in place…


The chain of pharmacies, Felicia, has been in the market for 20 years. The competition in the pharmaceutical market in Moldova is now very tough, especially after lifting restrictions on the number of residents per pharmacy and the distance between the nearest pharmacies. To be among the leaders in the market, it is not enough to develop using standard business tools.

The software package, from PharmaMS, is in my opinion the best solution for the management of the pharmaceutical chain. After going on many business trips, in many countries with many chains, naturally, I have seen many software solutions. However, I am yet to discover a software that offers the same opportunities as the PharmaMS. Although I have known this  software package and its results for many years, unfortunately prior to 2016, it has been impossible to become a PharmaMS customer, due to another chain in Moldova having exclusive use of the program.

The collaboration between PharmaMS and Felicia occurred in November 2016, and the introduction was not easy. I believe that the involvement of personnel in all significant changes for the company is a necessity as neglect of the team, especially with the crisis in the market with staff and high turnover, can lead to fatal results. When there are more than a thousand people in the state to keep fear and punishment, it is impossible. It was important for us that people understand that they were on our side.

They held meetings every 3 months, where I personally went out of my way to present the figures and explain the consequences caused by the wrong actions of pharmacists. For example, I showed why it is impossible to order 10 things that the pharmacist will sell for 3 months, but then have to return money in a month – I asked them to imagine what if this was their own money? After the first session, we gained support from 10% of the group, this grew to 30% and later increasing furthermore. Unfortunately, there still remained a conservative part of group who did not want to change. These were managers who had worked at the company from the very beginning and managed the largest pharmacies. They left as they could not accept technology. This example only strengthened the initial analogy that the development of the company is like a train moving at great speed and that if you do not sit in it at the right time, you just stay where you are – hanging onto the train by a thread. Not taking a seat on the train is unreal.

I’m a supporter of transparency within companies and believe the staff should have access to the financial figures. This is very important and brings results. There is no greater pleasure when I see fire in the eyes of the pharmacist, showing how the residues in his pharmacy are decreasing, how sales are increasing and that he has a direct relation to this with his right actions. The pharmacist himself feels pride and pleasure when he sees figures in reducing the expired goods and increasing profits. I believe that this success is due to the introduction of the Symphony  team’s commitment.

But what can be the best indicator of the success of the project implementation than the figures? Of course, only numbers …

At the end of February this year, we came to a period when money for the purchase of goods was not. The owner, in addition to the pharmaceutical network, has other businesses that dictated exactly such decisions. It was necessary to manage the available reserves. Together with the PharmaMS team, we did it. Within 3 weeks, and this in the season (late February-early March), we reduced the balances by 11%, with sales increasing by 9%.

Another achievement is that over the last 4 months we have opened 7 more pharmacies without additional investments in the goods. The whole range of existing pharmacies. And also thanks to the module PharmaMS – redistribution. At the same level of the remainder of the goods on the network, sales increased by 13%. The turnover of fast-selling goods decreased from 20 to 13 days, the average sold decreased from 35 to 25 days. 2

I firmly believe that our train is just starting to gain momentum, the most difficult is over, and the most interesting is ahead, but the main thing now, is not to stop at what we have already achieved, but keep moving forward.


Natalia Sturza

General Director LLC “AMOPHARM”,  Moldavian, pharmaceutical chain


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