ePAT Solution for Laboratory Automation

Systag Systems presents ePAT, a cost-effective device for automation in the laboratory.

With its Plug & Play technology, ePAT combines ease of operation with the option of integrating a wide array of assimilable laboratory devices for an almost unlimited number of jacketed reactors in the chemical laboratory.

As an entry-level solution for automation technology, ePAT enables you to efficiently optimise a huge variety of reactions, procedures, and processes for both scale-up and scale-down. The integral safety concept guarantees you uninterrupted monitoring and has been specially designed for unsupervised operation day and night.

Download to find out more, including ePAT as an application manager, ePAT as an online trend and data capture, and ePAT as a screen mit backpack controller, as well as information about its configuration, customisation options, signal detection, and technical specifications.

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