Netflix marathons might make you miserable

In 2015 users spent 10 billion hours watching Netflix, it is estimated that 61% of users binge-watch shows every few weeks. According to research by the University of Toledo these types of viewing habits could make you miserable and needs to be addressed.

408 people aged 18 and over were recruited through an online crowdsourcing marketplace and completed a survey regarding their viewing habits. The results were examined for potential TV addiction.

35% of people identified themselves as ‘binge-watchers.’ The study defined binge-watching as watching TV “at a stretch over an extended period of time.” This percentage reported higher levels of stress, anxiety and depression than non-binge-watchers.

77% of participants reported watching TV for 2 hours or more on average per day without any break during the past week. Excessive TV viewing had a positive correlation with poor mental and physical wellbeing.

So instead of finishing yet another season of House of Cards this weekend, or re-watching Walter White causing chaos in New Mexico, it may be a better for your mental health to leave the house for a change.

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