Syapse and Roche to bolster precision medicine for cancer

US-based Syapse has formed a strategic alliance with Roche to accelerate product development and clinical delivery for offering precision medicine to more cancer patients and their healthcare providers.

As part of the multi-year collaboration, the firms will work towards the development of software products and analytics solutions to provide tools and insights required to practice precision medicine for enhancing outcomes and quality of life for patients.

The development will be sponsored by Roche, while Syapse will use its platform to develop and deploy the new products to the precision medicine ecosystem.

Syapse CEO Ken Tarkoff said: “Precision medicine is already improving cancer care, and Syapse is empowering healthcare providers with the tools they need to deliver the best possible care.

“By working together, Syapse and Roche can make this vision of precision medicine a reality faster than either of us could alone.”

Initially, the project will see development of a learning health system of real-world evidence, integration of cancer care, analysis of electronic patient-reported outcomes and improved clinical trial enrolment.

The firms further plan to work on automated methods to measure real-world outcomes, and will consider other areas of collaboration with potential for precision medicine and better patient care.

Roche Pharmaceuticals CEO Daniel O’Day said: “Roche and Syapse share a common vision of ensuring widespread access to precision medicine so we can dramatically improve patient care. This collaboration supports that vision.

“By combining the pioneering platform from Syapse and Roche’s expertise in oncology, we can bring personalised healthcare to many more patients and healthcare providers.”

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